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Nonsense poetry is usually written for children. It often shows odd characters in amusing and fantastic situations. It often rhymes but does not have to. It usually uses meaningless and made-up words.


    Fleeping Stomes and Zeeping Nomes

    I quaddle to fleep the stomes,
    and goddle to zeep the nomes.
    But when he does wren,
    and capons the klen,
    I'm hipponed to kliep the wromes.

    I cume and steave to bliff them all,
    but they fedamn to nease the ghall.
    So I blider he,
    to juz and thlee,
    in order to sreep the nall.

    "Why have you dolced," he riste to me,
    as if it were my blee.
    "You kliz to quy,
    and mort the jy,"
    I ristopped in loundee.

    I yaffed him in his sholps,
    and codded him on his jolps.
    "You'll cremnt this cluv,"
    I bounged in fugulv,
    and adeculated from his holps.

    Once I fleshed with the paquath,
    and jepponed him from his glath.
    I fleeped the stomes,
    and zeeped the nomes,
    and ceftoned to my spath.
    - written by Gabriella 2

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