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Mobius poems have six or more lines that alternate:

statement line (your love defies my reason)
list line (sincere, joyful, reaching, tomorrow)
statement line
list line


    To Warm Winter Nights

    languishing beneath gray cloud
    crisp, cold, silent, afternoon
    horizon blurs and shadows to
    slate, charcoal, onyx, evening
    settles relentlessly colder
    fierce, sterile, deathly, often
    withering stoutest hearts
    numbed, forsaken, beguiled, later
    steeped warm by wassail
    spicy, giddy, feverish, moments
    with friends' camaraderie
    embracing, sparkling, adoring, forever
    joined kindred souls dispel
    barren, blanched, muffled, winter 

    - written by Celtic~Soul

The name Mobius Poem derives from the ability to read the verse continually in circular fashion; when one reaches the last word and returns to the first line, the verse flows to begin again in poetic, logical sense. Words in list lines should relate to the previous and following statement lines so the poem reads smoothly.

Each list line must end in a 'time' word (day, night, eternity, hour, etc.). That time word should be italicized.

The last word of the final line, whether list or statement line, should be a noun that refers to the poem's title and flows back into the poem's first line.

Mobius poems are best presented in a centered format.


    Artistic Soul

    born in optimism and ever obstinate
    brooding, pouting, determined, morning
    child expectant with immortal aspiration,
    fantasy, desire, choice, midday
    a spiteful equalizer--heat sears heart's desire
    blunting, discomfiting, thieving, future
    ideas sacrificed on pyres of realism to
    protect, sustain, nourish, mature
    physiology while neglecting psychology
    dreary, dull, disheartening, early
    giving will and resource to surviving
    careers, romances, disappointments, daily
    restraining youth's aspirations, so near gone
    forgotten, deserted, discarded, ever
    the visceral yearning yet prickles the spirit until
    placid, wizened, demanding, evening
    years, good as any years, expose rekindled ambitions
    chased, clutched, honored, late
    yet finally recovered, because naught can deter the
    fundamental, potent, inspired, soul

    - written by Celtic~Soul

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