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An acrostic is a poem which spells out a word or idea. Sometimes what it spells out is the the title of the poem itself.



    Masquerading in our midst
    Are ostensibly typical people
    Shouldering average tasks
    Quiet, inconspicuous, drab
    Until we get a closer look
    Emanating is a foul odor
    Rancid, putrid stench contaminating
    Aura distorted to shady tint
    Deception in their very souls
    Extenuating their corrupt character
    Rationalizing about their immorality
    Shoving the blame on circumstance
    - written by Gabriella 2

Usually, as in this example, the first letter of each line spells out this key word. But variations can be attempted such as having the first letter in the sentence and the last letter in the sentence spell out a word.

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More Examples

    Rejoice in Life

    Revel loudly with each new rising sun
    Enjoy each hour until day is done
    Join together with family and friends
    Only in motion sweet life never ends
    Invite all beautiful hearts be merry
    Cherish good love and of hate be wary
    Elation arises from conscience clear
    Invest dearly in living without fear
    No future ever comes without question
    Live in the moment - the best suggestion
    In this brief moment in infinite time
    Find Heaven in a kiss, joy in a rhyme
    Eternity waits, make this life sublime
    by fayesh

    An acrostic can also spell out several words.

    Boots and Spurs

    Boots and spurs are his attire
    On the prairie 'neath the Rockies
    Out where purple sage grows heavy
    There astride his half-tame bronco
    Sits the cattle kingdom sentry

    Always welcomed by the sunrise
    Near his God as each day strengthens
    Daunted not by work or weather

    Saddle-tough and cattle savvy
    Plying well his toil in season
    Using tools of his acquaintance
    Rowels on silver spurs a-jingle
    Send their music through the ages
    by dportwood

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