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ABAB is a poem with a specific rhyme scheme. The rhyme sceme is: a-b-a-b


    Creator's Canvas

    The colors caressing each other up high (rhyme: a)
    Mixing and mating to create something new (b)
    The setting sun painting a cloudy sky (a)
    Presenting to us a spectacular view (b)

    An early bird star playing peek a boo (a)
    The sun sneaking back with a half of an eye (b)
    The moon displaying it's particular hue (a)
    This dazzling dance of light in the sky (b)

    The carving of this canyon so grand in the ground (a)
    Has harvested every accolade (b)
    God working his magic not making a sound (a)
    This breathtaking beauty He made (b)

    The promise of creation is born with the sun (a)
    A gift that daily comes true (b)
    This cycle of life is given by One (a)
    And kept for me and for you (b)

    These are some of the reasons that I do believe (a)
    That there is a greater being than us (b)
    But no greater proof that I can conceive (a)
    Are the children entrusted to us (b)

    - written by felsep

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