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Iambic Pentameter

Each line in an iambic pentameter has ten syllables. It is accented on every second beat.


      I shall not cry

      I shall not cry, for you nor for your life,
      For while you lived you banished maudlin thought.
      And on those fearful nights, when full of strife,
      You turned me round, made me feel as I ought.
      You were my sun, my morning light, my wife.
      I shall not cry for you, your lesson taught.

      I shall not cry for me and all my loss
      For I have kept them all, each precious one.
      Each shaking of your head, each nod, each toss,
      Each lover's touch, each smile when loving's done
      . Your memories my gold, the rest is dross.
      Don't cry, for in this night I have my sun.

      I shall not cry, but if perchance I do
      It's for the rest, for all the world to come.
      For future souls who must start life anew
      Not knowing you, eyes blind, their voices dumb,
      Their senses dulled, if never blessed by you.
      How can I cry, when all without you's numb?
      - written by snodlander

      Not You

      I had a dream and in that dream she came
      And lay with me the way you used to do.
      I felt her presence. It was not the same
      For though she snuggled close she was not you.

      From heaven sent, her haloed head she lay
      Where once lay yours. Her hair a golden hue
      Lit up the night, each detail clear as day.
      In every part I saw she was not you.

      She turned and peered into my very soul
      With eyes a hypnotising limpid blue.
      I fell into those eyes, my sense she stole
      But not so I forgot she was not you.

      She stirred and 'neath the sheets I knew her bare
      Her skin both smooth and taut yet yielding too.
      My hands reached out, but touching could not bear
      For though I wanted to, she was not you.

      And in my dream I looked upon her there,
      Saw her the way that any man might do.
      More beautiful than anyone could bear
      Bar one, for she could not compare to you.
      written by snodlander

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