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A diatelle has a set syllable count and a set rhyme.

The syllable count is: 1-2-3-4-6-8-10-12-10-8-6-4-3-2-1,
The rhyme patter is: abbcbccaccbcbba.

It is usually displayed centered.


    Smooth Sailing

    Walk (Syllable count 1 - rhyme: a)
    With me (2 - b)
    And simply (3 - b)
    With arms around (4 - c)
    Each other's waist, happy (6 - b)
    Moving about the day, as bound (8 - c)
    As ever can be, with true love abound (10 - c)
    lay with me all day and all night, my world you rock (12 - a)
    Passion�??s fire, a desire induced by sound (10 - c)
    Pure as light, each spectrum surround (8 - c)
    Hypnotized as can be (6 - b)
    Love that�??s profound (4 - c)
    Spoken free (3 - b)
    With me (2 - b)
    Talk(1 - a)

    - written by Bradley Vrooman

The form was created by Bradley Vrooman

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